• 1、

    Do not place the product in water, fire, excessive temperature (>45 °C) or too low temperature (<20 °C).Do not play with children, especially children.

  • 2、

    Do not disassemble or modify the product to avoid damage to the product's protective device, resulting in battery heat, fire or explosion.

  • 3、

    do not violent fall, impact, friction, etc., which will cause product depression, perforation, cracking,Other abnormalities such as deformity and orrosion should be stopped immediately.

  • 4、

    Clean the surface with a dry soft cloth. Do not wash with chemicals, soap or detergent.


1. Required or presented when performing warranty service:

  • A、

    the main body of the after-sales product;

  • B、

    product warranty card, and complete;

  • C、

    A valid invoice issued when the product is purchased.

2. Warranty period:

Host 12 months, charging line and adapter for 6 months.

3. Warranty scope:

  • A、

    Only for products sold by RECCI.

  • B、

    The unpacking products must be packed and the accessories are complete.

  • C、

    The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

    ○ The product exceeds the warranty period;

    ○ No three-package certificate or valid invoice;

    ○ Damage caused by other force majeure factors;

    ○ Damage caused by unauthorized removal by the repairer of the company;

    ○ The content on the three-package certificate does not match or be altered;

    ○ Non-product problems, such as compatibility issues, subjective dissatisfaction with color, appearance, shape, etc.;

    ○ Improper operation or idle for a long time, including but not limited to damage caused by failure to follow the warnings and reminders of the RECCI product manual;

    ○ Non-product quality problems, man-made damage, such as: product shell damage, wear, cracking, breaking, broken skin, cracking, deformation, liquid, etc.

The above warranty terms apply to Mainland China and Hong Kong, and the final interpretation is owned by RECCI.