Let everyone

Can enjoy the benefits of intimate products

Recci was founded in 2011. The founder has been obsessed with electronics and loves technology. Recci is the crystallization of electronic dreams and win-win ideas. The leaps and bounds since its inception are not only the result of the pursuit of the pursuit of the people, but also the embodiment of the power of dreams. “Let everyone enjoy the benefits of intimate products” is the vision of Recci. Recci has applied the Internet development model to develop products, use the spirit of excellence to make products, use the Internet model to eliminate intermediate links, and commit to making the world Individuals can enjoy high-quality technology products from China.

Since its inception, the company has maintained a growth rate that has surprised the world.

The company’s annual sales value in 2012 reached 5 million yuan; in 2014, the annual sales value reached 50 million yuan; in 2016, the annual sales value exceeded 100 million yuan.

Recci has also overturned the traditional market in mobile power, data lines, protective cases, and lifestyle products. As of the end of 2016…..

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